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Cornell University

Virtual Shelf Browser Beta

Are you wondering...

What is the virtual shelf browser?

This virtual shelf contains print and electronic collections in the physical sciences. Scroll through to discover material in your discipline – just as you would standing in front of library stacks. Items are displayed in call number order. Browse the collections now.

Where to begin?

Here are some sample searches you can use to get started:

How to start at a particular "place" or item on the stack/shelf?

This feature is not directly available at the moment but you can use the author-keyword search approach as in the examples above. If you have an opinion on how you would like this to work better, let us know.

How to let us know what else you’d like to see here?

It’s simple: Leave us feedback in the forum and join the conversation. You can also email us your ideas.

Developed from the Harvard Library Innovation Lab Stackview project.